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憑藉其享譽世界的橋樑,陡峭的山坡和豪華的維多利亞式建築,San Francisco常常被拿來和歐洲城市媲美。四周環繞著高山,峽谷和肥沃的農田,它也是一個食品,美酒和自然風光的聚寶盆。
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Bee, Experienced

Sunday, April 19

Heidrun Meadery, Point Reyes Station

A true Flower to Flute beekeeping experience with our beekeepers, Bonnie & Gary!

Cost: $90.00

Address & Location:
Heidrun Meadery, 11925 State Route 1, Point Reyes Station, CA

Phone: (415) 663-9122



Details: After a brief introduction to our apicultural program here at Heidrun, we’ll don beekeeping suits and head out to the apiary for a hands-on inspection of working hives. From those hives, we’ll pull frames laden with honey to hand-extract and you’ll even jar up our estate honey to take home with you! We'll then walk you through how honey is made into mead and wind down on the patio with a relaxing mead tasting. Children 12+years are welcome when accompanied by an adult.