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North Coast

Lake County

Lake County寶貴的地方如同其名,清澈的湖。清胡有著清澈透明的湖水且是加州最大的天然淡水湖泊,這是一個滑水,釣魚和划船的熱門地標。Lake County目前的目標是要打起它的高雅且價格實惠的Cabernet Sauvignon和Sauvignon Blanc的聲譽。 Visit →
Lake County wineries

5 wineries

Events in Lake County

Case Sale & Complimentary Shipping at Shannon Ridge

April 1—30, 2020

Shannon Ridge Family of Wines, Lower Lake

$150/case & Comp Shipping

Cost: $150 on select wines

Address & Location:
Shannon Ridge Family of Wines, 13888 Point Lakeview Road, PO Box 676, Lower Lake, CA

Phone: (707) 994-9656



Details: CASE SALE $150/per case includes Complimentary Shipping or curbside pick-up from our Tasting Room.